Part of the Quanteda Initiative is to promote the use of the tools whose development it supports through training and dissemination activities. These include publicly accessible workshops, invitation-only conferences, and bespoke training events.

In our workshops we can cover topics such as importing texts and constructing a corpus, tokenization, creating a document-feature matrix, textual statistics (e.g. readability, lexical diversity, collocation analysis), dictionary-based analysis, sentiment analysis, supervised and unsupervised scaling, document classification, topic modelling, and part-of-speech tagging.

Since the foundation of the Quanteda Initiative in 2018, we have organized one-day and two-day workshops in Australia (Canberra), Germany (Berlin; Bremen; Münster), Ireland (Dublin), Japan (Kobe; Tokyo), Norway (Bergen), and Switzerland (Berne).

For a list of past and upcoming events, see the Events category in our News section.

To arrange training in the use of quanteda or in quantitative text analysis methodology more broadly, email us at

Testimonials from previous workshops

  • “Very useful, both for applying quanteda to actual research, and for getting more general knowledge of R.”
  • “The workshop had a nice build up, ranging from basic to more advanced stuff. It is always good to get repetition of the basics.”
  • “The instructor gave concrete examples, taught us how we could apply what we have learned to our research projects, and the tutorial was very easy to follow with step-by-step instructions.”
  • “The workshop consisted of introductory and more in-depth R-learning, which helped when prior knowledge was limited. Easy to participate, and to ask any question.”
  • “The instructor really took his time to answer our questions, and delved into the core of them, whether they were simple or more complex.”
  • “Nice intro to quantitative text analysis, full attention to pre-analysis workflow, extremely competent lecturer.”
  • “I feel like this workshop got me a great basis to start working with quanteda on my own research.”